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HazMat and Hazards

FireEMS Academy offers Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations Interactive in partnership with Jones and Bartlett Learning. The cutting-edge online training program provides an exciting and engaging learning experience for Awareness and Operations level hazmat students. This course enhances the awareness level of training for hazardous materials by meeting and exceeding the requirements for Fire Fighter I and II certification and satisfies the core competencies for operations-level responders, including the eight mission-specific responsibilities for first responders within the 2008 Edition of NFPA 472, Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Incidents. Additionally, the material presented also exceeds the hazardous materials response requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Features and benefits of the FireEMS Academy’s Hazardous Materials Awareness Level and Operations training course include:

  • A simple, user-friendly interface to ensure that students do not waste time learning how to navigate through material
  • In-depth reporting features for instructors
  • A safe and self-paced training environment that allow students to learn at their own pace
  • Full narration that may be disabled at any time
  • Anytime, anywhere access that provides total flexibility
  • Affordable access for even the most budget-conscious training sites

Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations Interactive provides in-depth coverage of:

  • The properties and effects of hazardous materials and WMDs
  • How to calculate potential danger and initiate a response plan
  • Selection, use, advantages, and disadvantages of personal protective equipment
  • Mass and technical decontamination
  • Evidence preservation and sampling
  • Product control
  • Victim rescue and recovery
  • Air monitoring and sampling
  • Illicit laboratory incidents

Just like a printed review manual or study guide, this resource can be simply used as a virtual workbook to reinforce important concepts presented in the classroom. It can also be used as a full distance learning course in place of traditional lecture settings. No matter how you choose to utilize it, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations Interactive can enhance any hazmat awareness or operations level training course.

Course Name Course Description Length
Module 1: Hazardous Materials Overview In this module, we present an overview of hazardous materials. 1h
Module 2: Hazardous Materials: Properties and Effects This module examines the properties and effects of hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction. 1h
Module 3: Recognizing and Identifying Hazards This module discusses how to identify and recognize various hazardous materials/WMD incidents. 1h
Module 4: Estimating Potential Harm and Planning a Response In this module, we discuss estimating potential harm and planning a response. 1h
Module 5: Implementing the Planned Response In this module, we examine how to implement a planned response to a hazardous materials incident. 1h
Module 6: Terrorism This module discusses terrorism, including its definition, the primary goals of terrorists, and types of potential targets. 1h
Module 7: Free Smoke – Responder Health and Safety This module discusses fire smoke and its relationship to firefighter safety. 1h
Module 8: Mission-Specific Competencies: Personal Protective Equipment This module discusses mission-specific competencies for personal protective equipment, including using a risk-based approach when selecting personal protective equipment. 1h
Module 9: Mission-Specific Competencies: Technical Decontamination This module discusses the process of technical decontamination. 1h
Module 10: Mission-Specific Competencies: Mass Decontamination This module covers mass decontamination processes. 1h
Module 11: Mission-Specific Competencies: Evidence Preservation and Sampling This module discusses evidence preservation and sampling. 1h
Module 12: Mission-Specific Competencies: Product Control This module examines product control of hazardous substances. 1h
Module 13: Mission-Specific Competencies: Victim Rescue and Recovery In this module, we explain best practices for rescue attempts. 1h
Module 14: Mission-Specific Competencies: Response to Illicit Laboratories This module examines key factors in recognizing and responding to illicit laboratories. 1h
Module 15: Mission-Specific Competencies: Air Monitoring and Sampling This module discusses air monitoring and sampling in a hazardous materials environment. 1h