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Pump Operator

Pump operations are critical to a successful fire attack. Learn about the origins and up-to-date standards of pump operations in the fire service. Discover the types of fire apparatus, mathematics for the driver/operator, apparatus check out and maintenance, pump operations and gain an understanding of how to properly use water supply and foam operations to manage and attack fires.

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Pump Operator: Driver/Operator Overview

In this course, we will provide an overview of the critical roles and responsibilities of the firefighter as both the driver and pump operator for pumping fire apparatus. The safe, effective, and efficient conduct of any fire department response to an emergency, particularly structure fires, depends in large part to the driver getting the pumping fire apparatus to the scene. Once there, the actions of the operator of the pumping fire apparatus have a tremendous impact, both positively and negatively, on operations.


Pump Operator: Fire Apparatus Types

Pumping fire apparatus now comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so it’s more important than ever that we understand the terminology used for pumping fire apparatus and what those terms should convey to us about an individual piece of apparatus and its capabilities. After completing this module of the Pump Operators series, you will be able to describe the specifications from NFPA 1901: Standard on Automotive Fire Apparatus used to classify a piece of fire apparatus as a pumper, initial attack fire apparatus, mobile water supply, aerial apparatus, quint, special service fire apparatus, and mobile foam apparatus.



Pump Operator: Fire Pump Systems

The pump operator plays a vital role in the safe, effective, efficient, and operation of an apparatus’s fire pump. As a result, the actions of the pump operator of the fire apparatus have a tremendous impact, both positively and negatively, on operations. In this course, we’ll focus on an overview of the fire pump’s history, the theories, types of fire pumps, and how they operate in today’s fire service.


Pump Operator: Pumper Apparatus

In this module, we’ll discuss in more detail the most prevalent type of apparatus in use, for a variety of fire suppression missions, the pumping fire apparatus. For the purposes of this course, we’re going to use the term pumper as in short for Pumper Fire Apparatus, which is how this fire service workhorse is listed in NFPA 1901 (Chapter 5). In this module, we’ll discuss the safety features of today’s pumpers, trends in fire pumper manufacturing, and how to participate in the selection of a pumper for your fire department.