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Track Field Training and Develop Future Leaders

Assess knowledge gaps using our innovative skills tracking and mobile training solution, EVALS, to simplify performance valuations for firefighters. Ensure your department has a strong succession plan in place with our career-pathing technology.

Digital Taskbooks

  • Track activities, including videos, skills and exams

  • Assign required course material in advance of on-site training

  • Require a multi-level signature process for approvals

Field Assessments

  • Create scenario-based, situational evaluations

  • Build customized forms for tracking skills development

  • Native iOS App enables users to perform field and video assessments without an Internet connection

Cloud-based Solution

  • Scalable solution streamlines on-the-job performance and safety

  • Build customizable curriculum and record live training for video accountability

  • Transparency in training eliminates administrative burden for instructors and trainers