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Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) Accredited Courses

FireRescue1 Academy offers more than 300 hours of EMS continuing education. All courses are created by the FireRescue1 Academy Learning Content Team or in partnership with Jones & Bartlett Learning and are approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Pre-Hospital Continuing Education (CAPCE) for First Responders, EMTs, and Paramedics. Users who have added their license credential in their training profile will have their CAPCE accredited course completions sent directly to CAPCE every 24 hours via API and have the ability to import these courses into the National Registry.

Please note: Most states recognize CAPCE-approved credit for state license renewal except for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. You may view the individual state contact information here.

Course Title Course Number Hours
12-Lead EKG 21-PRAE-F3-1754 3
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1513 1
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1514 1
Abdominal Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1515 1
Abdominal Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1516 1
Acute MI and STEMI (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1517 1
Acute MI and STEMI (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1518 1
Acute Psychosis (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1519 1
Acute Psychosis (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1520 1
Advanced Airway: Intubation 19-PRAE-F3-1432 3
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens 21-PRAE-F3-1755 1
Airway 1 20-PRAE-F3-1488 1
Alcohol-Related Emergencies (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1521 1
Alcohol-Related Emergencies (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1522 1
Altered Mental Status in the Elderly (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1523 1
Altered Mental Status in the Elderly (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1524 1
Alternative Drugs of Abuse (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1525 1
Alternative Drugs of Abuse (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1526 1
Altitude Illness (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1527 1
Altitude Illness (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1528 1
Ambulance Safety and Design 20-PRAE-F3-1738 1
Amputation and Hemorrhage Control (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1478 1
Amputation and Hemorrhage Control (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1479 1
Anaphylaxis (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1529 1
Anaphylaxis (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1530 1
Animal Bites (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1531 1
Animal Bites (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1532 1
Anticholinergic Overdose (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1533 1
Anticholinergic Overdose (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1534 1
Asthma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1535 1
Asthma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1536 1
Back Pain/Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1537 1
Back Pain/Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1538 1
Basic Airway Mastery 21-PRAE-F3-1757 1
Blast Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1539 1
Blast Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1540 1
Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders 21-PRAE-F3-1756 1
Body Armor and the Changing Landscape of Public Safety 18-PRAE-F3-1396 1
Body Piercing (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1541 1
Body Piercing (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1542 1
Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families 21-PRAE-F3-1748 3
Burns (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1543 1
Burns (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1544 1
Capnography and Pulse Oximetry 20-PRAE-F3-1545 0.5
Capnography for BLS: Getting Started with Capnography 20-PRAE-F3-1498 1
Capnography for Respiratory Distress (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1501 1
Capnography for Respiratory Distress (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1502 1
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1546 1
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1547 1
Cardiac Wheezes 20-PRAE-F3-1548 0.5
Chest Pain (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1549 1
Chest Pain (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1550 1
Chest Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1551 1
Chest Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1552 1
CHF Vs. COPD (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1553 1
CHF Vs. COPD (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1554 1
Child Abuse (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1555 1
Child Abuse (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1556 1
Children with Complex Medical Conditions 21-PRAE-F3-1758 1
Club Drugs (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1557 1
Club Drugs (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1558 1
Considerations for Pediatric Cardiac Arrest 20-PRAE-F3-1504 1
Current Trends in Stroke Care 21-PRAE-F3-1759 1
Customer Service (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1490 1
Customer Service (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1559 1
Dehydration (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1679 1
Dehydration (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1560 1
Dementia and Prehospital Implications (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1561 1
Dementia and Prehospital Implications (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1562 1
Depression/Suicide (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1563 1
Depression/Suicide (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1564 1
Determination of Death (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1565 1
Determination of Death (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1566 1
Diabetic Emergencies (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1567 1
Diabetic Emergencies (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1568 1
Disaster Operations 20-PRAE-F3-1491 1
Diving Emergencies (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1569 1
Diving Emergencies (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1570 1
DNR (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1571 1
DNR (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1572 1
Drowning (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1430 1
Drowning (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1431 1
Dyspnea (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1573 1
Dyspnea (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1574 1
eACLS Re-certification 19-PRAE-F3-1412 8
Early Recognition and Treatment of Trauma 20-PRAE-F3-1575 0.5
Elder Abuse (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1576 1
Elder Abuse (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1577 1
Elderly Falls (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1578 1
Elderly Falls (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1579 1
Elderly Hip Fracture (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1580 1
Elderly Hip Fracture (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1581 1
Electrical Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1582 1
Electrical Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1583 1
Emergency Operations EMS1 20-PRAE-F3-1492 1
Emergency Vehicle Characteristics 21-PRAE-F3-1749 0.5
Emergency Vehicle Driving Dynamics 20-PRAE-F3-1733 1
Emergency Vehicle Driving Requirements 20-PRAE-F3-1734 1
Emergency Vehicle Driving Techniques 20-PRAE-F3-1743 1
EMS Crew Resource Management 20-PRAE-F3-1735 1
EMS Lawsuits – Documentation/Patient Refusals (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1584 1
EMS Lawsuits – Documentation/Patient Refusals (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1585 1
EMS Lawsuits – Patient Restraint (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1586 1
EMS Research 20-PRAE-F3-1744 1
EMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1750 1
EMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1751 1
EMS Street Survival – 1 20-PRAE-F3-1493 1
EMS Street Survival – 2 20-PRAE-F3-1494 1
EMS Street Survival – 3 20-PRAE-F3-1495 1
EMS Street Survival – 4 20-PRAE-F3-1496 1
EMT Interactive-Module 01-EMS Systems 20-PRAE-F3-1433 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 02-Workforce Safety and Wellness 20-PRAE-F3-1454 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 03-Medical Legal and Ethical Issues 20-PRAE-F3-1455 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 05-Medical Terminology 20-PRAE-F3-1468 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 06-The Human Body 20-PRAE-F3-1469 1.5
EMT Interactive-Module 07-Life Span Development 20-PRAE-F3-1470 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 08-Lifting and Moving Patients 20-PRAE-F3-1471 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 09-Patient Assessment 20-PRAE-F3-1472 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 10-Airway Management 20-PRAE-F3-1434 1.5
EMT Interactive-Module 11-Principles of Pharmacology 20-PRAE-F3-1435 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 12-Shock 20-PRAE-F3-1436 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 13-BLS Resuscitation 20-PRAE-F3-1437 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 14-Medical Overview 20-PRAE-F3-1438 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 15-Respiratory Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1439 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 16-Cardiovascular Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1440 1
EMT Interactive-Module 17-Neurological Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1441 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 18-Gastrointestinal and Urologic Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1588 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 19-Endocrine and Hematologic Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1443 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 20-Immunologic Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1444 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 21-Toxicology 20-PRAE-F3-1445 1
EMT Interactive-Module 22-Psychiatric Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1446 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 23-Gynecologic Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1447 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 24-Trauma Overview 20-PRAE-F3-1448 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 25-Bleeding 20-PRAE-F3-1449 1
EMT Interactive-Module 26-Soft Tissue Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1450 1
EMT Interactive-Module 27-Face and Neck Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1451 1
EMT Interactive-Module 28-Head and Spine Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1452 1
EMT Interactive-Module 29-Chest Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1453 1
EMT Interactive-Module 30-Abdominal and Genitourinary Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1456 1
EMT Interactive-Module 31-Orthopaedic Injuries 20-PRAE-F3-1457 1.5
EMT Interactive-Module 32-Environmental Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1458 1.5
EMT Interactive-Module 33-Obstetrics and Neonatal Care 20-PRAE-F3-1459 2
EMT Interactive-Module 34-Pediatric Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1460 3
EMT Interactive-Module 35-Geriatric Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1461 1
EMT Interactive-Module 36-Patients With Special Challenges 20-PRAE-F3-1462 1
EMT Interactive-Module 37-Transport Operations 20-PRAE-F3-1463 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 38-Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue 20-PRAE-F3-1464 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 39-Incident Management 20-PRAE-F3-1465 2
EMT Interactive-Module 4- Communication and Documentation 20-PRAE-F3-1467 2.5
EMT Interactive-Module 40-Terrorism Response and Disaster Management 20-PRAE-F3-1466 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module 41-A Team Approach to Health Care 20-PRAE-F3-1473 0.5
EMT Interactive-Module-Module 41 -A Team Approach to Health Care 20-PRAE-F3-1473 0.5
Environmental 20-PRAE-F3-1474 1
Evidence-based Guidelines for EMS Providers 20-PRAE-F3-1503 1
Excited Delirium (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1589 1
Excited Delirium (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1590 1
Eye Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1591 1
Eye Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1592 1
Facial Trauma (ALS) (Full Length) 20-PRAE-F3-1593 1
Facial Trauma (ALS) (Standard) 20-PRAE-F3-1593 1
Facial Trauma (BLS) (Full Length) 20-PRAE-F3-1594 1
Facial Trauma (BLS) (Standard) 20-PRAE-F3-1594 1
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 1: Today’s Fire and Emergency Services Instructor 21-PRAE-F3-1784 1
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 2: The Learning Process 21-PRAE-F3-1785 1
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 3: Methods of Instruction 21-PRAE-F3-1786 0.75
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 4: Communication Skills 21-PRAE-F3-1787 0.5
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 5: Foundations of Instructional Delivery 21-PRAE-F3-1788 0.5
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 6: Technology in Training 21-PRAE-F3-1789 0.5
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 7: Training Safety 21-PRAE-F3-1790 0.5
Fire and Emergency Services Instructor – Module 8: Evaluating the Learning Process 21-PRAE-F3-1791 0.5
Firefighter Cancer: Prevention and Health 18-PRAE-F3-1398 1
Gastrointestinal Bleeding (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1595 1
Gastrointestinal Bleeding (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1596 1
Hazmat First Responder Awareness (FRA) Level I 18-PRAE-F3-1404 2
Head Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1597 1
Head Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1598 1
Headaches (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1599 1
Headaches (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1600 1
Health Care Provider CPR Interactive 20-PRAE-F3-1475 3
Hepatitis and Job-Related Infectious Disease Concerns (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1601 1
Hepatitis and Job-Related Infectious Disease Concerns (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1602 1
HIPAA For First Responders 19-PRAE-F3-1413 1
HIV/AIDS 20-PRAE-F3-1603 1
Hyperthermic Patient (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1604 1
Hyperthermic Patient (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1605 1
Hypothermic Patient (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1606 1
Hypothermic Patient (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1607 1
Infectious and Communicable Diseases (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1424 1
Infectious and Communicable Diseases (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1425 1
Influenza (ALS) (Full Length) 20-PRAE-F3-1608 1
Influenza (ALS) (Standard) 19-PRAE-F3-1420 1
Influenza (BLS) (Full Length) 20-PRAE-F3-1609 1
Influenza (BLS) (Standard) 19-PRAE-F3-1421 1
Interacting with the Mentally Ill as a First Responder 20-PRAE-F3-1511 1
Kidney Disease (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1610 1
Kidney Disease (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1611 1
Leading a Safe and High Performing Ambulance Team 20-PRAE-F3-1739 1.5
Legal 20-PRAE-F3-1476 2
Lights and Sirens: Deadly Epidemic 20-PRAE-F3-1740 1
Liver Disease (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1612 1
Liver Disease (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1613 1
Managing Chronic Care Patients (ALS) 18-PRAE-F3-1392 1
Managing Chronic Care Patients (BLS) 18-PRAE-F3-1393 1
Managing the Pediatric Arrest (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1760 1
Managing the Pediatric Arrest (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1761 1
Medical 20-PRAE-F3-1477 1
Medication Errors (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1762 1
Medication Errors (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1763 1
Medication-Resistant Pathogens (MRSA, TB, VRE, C.Diff) 18-PRAE-F3-1401 1
Mental Health and Wellness for Firefighters 18-PRAE-F3-1402 1
Methamphetamine Abuse (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1614 1
Methamphetamine Abuse (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1615 1
Myocardial Infarction (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1616 1
Myocardial Infarction (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1617 1
Naloxone, Epinephrine, and Glucometry 21-PRAE-F3-1807 1
Narcotic Abuse (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1618 1
Narcotic Abuse (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1619 1
Near Drowning (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1620 1
Near Drowning (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1621 1
Obstetrics 19-PRAE-F3-1410 1
Operations EMS1 20-PRAE-F3-1480 1
Opioid Crisis: Protecting Our First Responders 20-PRAE-F3-1730 1
Pain Management 20-PRAE-F3-1622 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 01 EMS Systems (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1766 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 02 Workforce Safety and Wellness (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1747 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 03 Public Health (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1748 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 04 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1749 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 05 Communications (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1767 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 06 Documentation (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1751 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 08 Anatomy and Physiology (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1753 3
Paramedic Interactive – Module 09 Pathophysiology (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1768 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 10 Life Span Development (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1755 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 11 Patient Assessment (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1756 2
Paramedic Interactive – Module 13 Principles of Pharmacology (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1769 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 14 Medication Administration (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1770 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 15 Airway Management (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1760 2
Paramedic Interactive – Module 16 Respiratory Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1761 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 17 Cardiovascular Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1762 2.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 18 Neurologic Emergencies (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1771 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 19 Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1764 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 20 Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1765 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 22 Gynecologic Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1767 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 23 Endocrine Emergencies (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1772 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 25 Immunologic Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1770 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 26 Infectious Diseases (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1773 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 27 Toxicology (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1772 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 28 Psychiatric Emergencies (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1774 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 29 Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1774 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 30 Bleeding (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1775 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 32 Burns (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1777 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 33 Face and Neck Trauma (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1778 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 34 Head and Spine Trauma (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1779 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 36 Abdominal and Genitourinary Trauma (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1781 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 37 Orthopaedic Trauma (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1782 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 38 Environmental Emergencies (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1776 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 39 Responding to the Field Code (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1784 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 40 Management and Resuscitation of the Critical Patient (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1777 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 41 Obstetrics (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1778 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 42 Neonatal Care (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1779 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 43 Pediatric Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1788 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 44 Geriatric Emergencies (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1789 2.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 45 Patients With Special Challenges (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1790 2.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 46 Transport Operations (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1791 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 47 Incident Management and Mass-Casualty Incidents (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1792 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 48 Vehicle Extrication and Special Rescue (8th Edition) 21-PRAE-F3-1780 1.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 49 Hazardous Materials (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1794 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 50 Terrorism Response (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1795 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 51 Disaster Response (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1796 1
Paramedic Interactive – Module 52 Crime Scene Awareness (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1797 0.5
Paramedic Interactive – Module 53 Career Development (8th Edition) 20-PRAE-F3-1798 0.5
Patient Assessment and Exam 20-PRAE-F3-1481 1
Patient Communication During Disasters (ALS) 18-PRAE-F3-1394 1
Patient Communication During Disasters (BLS) 18-PRAE-F3-1395 1
Pediatric Abdominal Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1675 1
Pediatric Abdominal Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1676 1
Pediatric Altered Mental Status (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1677 1
Pediatric Altered Mental Status (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1678 1
Pediatric Assessment 20-PRAE-F3-1509 1
Pediatric Assessment (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1805 1
Pediatric Assessment (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1806 1
Pediatric Burns (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1680 1
Pediatric Burns (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1681 1
Pediatric Chest Pain (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1682 1
Pediatric Chest Pain (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1683 1
Pediatric Emergencies (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1418 1
Pediatric Emergencies (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1419 1
Pediatric Falls (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1684 1
Pediatric Falls (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1685 1
Pediatric Head Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1686 1
Pediatric Head Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1687 1
Pediatric Overdose (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1688 1
Pediatric Overdose (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1689 1
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies 20-PRAE-F3-1510 1
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1803 1
Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1804 1
Pediatric Seizures (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1690 1
Pediatric Seizures (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1691 1
Pediatric Shock (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1692 1
Pediatric Shock (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1693 1
Pediatric Shortness Of Breath (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1694 1
Pediatric Shortness Of Breath (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1695 1
Pediatric Spinal Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1696 1
Pediatric Spinal Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1697 1
Pediatric Toxic Ingestion (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1428 1
Pediatric Toxic Ingestion (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1429 1
Penetrating Neck Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1698 1
Penetrating Neck Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1699 1
Pit Crew CPR (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1764 1
Pit Crew CPR (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1765 1
Pregnancy and Dyspnea (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1700 1
Pregnancy and Dyspnea (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1701 1
Pregnancy and Trauma (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1702 1
Pregnancy and Trauma (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1703 1
Provider Well-Being 20-PRAE-F3-1482 1
Radiation Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1704 1
Radiation Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1705 1
Respiratory 20-PRAE-F3-1483 2
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure 20-PRAE-F3-1742 1
Return of Spontaneous Circulation (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1731 1
Return of Spontaneous Circulation (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1732 1
Safe and Effective Pain Management (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1505 1
Safe and Effective Pain Management (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1506 1
Safe Transport of the Pediatric Patient (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1507 1
Safe Transport of the Pediatric Patient (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1508 1
Scene Safety at MCI (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1706 1
Scene Safety at MCI (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1707 1
Seizures (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1708 1
Seizures (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1709 1
Selecting the Proper Personnel – Ability and Attitude 20-PRAE-F3-1736 1
Sepsis (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1710 1
Sepsis (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1711 1
Sexual Harassment In The Workplace 18-PRAE-F3-1397 1
Sickle Cell Crisis (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1712 1
Sickle Cell Crisis (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1713 1
Six Core Elements of the EMS Culture of Safety 20-PRAE-F3-1512 1
Snakebites And Stings (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1714 1
Snakebites And Stings (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1715 1
Spinal Injuries (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1716 1
Spinal Injuries (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1717 1
Spinal Motion Restriction (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1416 1
Spinal Motion Restriction (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1417 1
Stabbings (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1718 1
Stabbings (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1719 1
Stroke (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1720 1
Stroke (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1721 1
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1422 1
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1423 1
Techniques for Improving the Effectiveness of Your Chest Compressions 21-PRAE-F3-1781 1
The Art of Patient Refusal (ALS) 19-PRAE-F3-1414 1
The Art of Patient Refusal (BLS) 19-PRAE-F3-1415 1
The Culture of Ambulance Safety 20-PRAE-F3-1741 1
The Obese Patient (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1722 1
The Obese Patient (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1723 1
Thoracic Trauma: Time Matters 20-PRAE-F3-1745 0.5
Toxic Inhalations (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1724 1
Toxic Inhalations (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1725 1
Trauma EMS1 20-PRAE-F3-1485 1.5
Treating Neck and Spinal Injuries (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1752 1
Treating Neck and Spinal Injuries (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1753 1
Triage (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1726 1
Triage (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1727 1
Vehicle Operations EMS1 20-PRAE-F3-1486 1
Ventricular Assist Devices: Assessment and Treatment Considerations (ALS) 21-PRAE-F3-1746 1
Ventricular Assist Devices: Assessment and Treatment Considerations (BLS) 21-PRAE-F3-1747 1
What would you do? 20-PRAE-F3-1487 1
Wheezing (ALS) 20-PRAE-F3-1728 1
Wheezing (BLS) 20-PRAE-F3-1729 1
Wildland Fire Observations & Origin Scene Protection 18-PRAE-F3-1405 1
Yoga for First Responders 20-PRAE-F3-1737 1