Revolutionize your Online Fire Rescue Training with FireRescue1 Academy

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your skills or stay on top of annual CEU requirements, FireRescue1 Academy gives first responders all the tools needed to keep your career on track. Courses combine real case studies, scenario-based videos and interactive training.



with Medic Monthly & EMS1 Courses
  • Comprehensive refresher program

  • 90 CEU across 88 courses

  • High-energy EMS1 Videos

  • CAPCE accredited

  • National Registry accepted

Fire Series

all-in-one Fire bundle
  • Fundamentals of Firefighter Skills

  • Fire Inspector and Fire Instructor

  • Fire Officer

  • Technical Rescue

  • Fire Pump Operator

EMT Interactive

featuring Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • BLS Refresher

  • 35 CEU across 40 Courses

  • CAPCE accredited

  • National Registry accepted

Paramedic Interactive

featuring Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • ALS Refresher

  • 111 CEU across 52 Courses

  • CAPCE accredited

  • National Registry accepted

Be prepared for any situation.
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Please note: Given the variation in the approval and acceptance of continuing education credits state to state, it is advised that EMS providers confirm re-certification and training requirements, including accepted courses, with their state EMS authority. FireRescue1 Academy is not responsible for continuing education credits that are rejected in any way.

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*By purchasing an individual subscription, you are gaining access to FireRescue1 Academy’s online training material for the sole purpose of continuing education and/or meeting re-certification requirements as instructed by your department. Additionally, FireRescue1 Academy’s online training content cannot be used to obtain initial certification.