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Share and Access Training Data With Agencies in your Network

Whether you are looking for a quick course or robust set of training plans, you can find helpful, relevant content from agencies you know and trust.


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Share Resources Between Departments

  • Share custom courses, files, links and more with FireRescue1 Academy users
  • Create networks to share and access content with specific organizations, like mutual-aid groups, or regional teams
  • Share Learning Plans to easily replicate training plans and groups of courses

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Member Management* 

  • Manage members and groups from any organization you oversee without logging in with separate credentials
  • Add, edit or deactivate any members and groups you manage
  • Effectively deliver consistent training across special teams, mutual-aid partners, regions, or a distributed workforce 

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Access Personnel Training Data*

  • Create reports for any organization you oversee
  • Access training completion data for members of any organization you manage in your Trusted Network
  • View any members’ credentials and monitor training progress for organizations you oversee in your Trusted Network

*Management Features must be requested by Parent/Trusted organization.