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Testimonials for FireRescue1 Academy

“We have been using the FireRescue1 Academy for a year and half and the customer service has been outstanding. The material content of FireRescue1 Academy is current and they are updating training material on a regular basis. The FIREHOUSE [Software integration] is working great with the FireRescue1 system. The user completes the training assignment and at midnight it is automatically entered into FIREHOUSE [Software]. We are using the training to support our in-house refresher program.”

– Michael Duran, Training Officer

Sedona Fire District

“Because new books and training videos can be costly, Gaines Township Fire Department in Michigan needed to find a way to get members properly trained without exceeding annual budgets. By implementing FireRescue1 Academy for their training, Lieutenant Link and the department have been able to easily assign courses for credit, utilize our custom courses feature to build department-specific training, and maintain their ISO rating by tracking progress in the system. Their training coordinators are able to regularly communicate the state of Michigan’s protocol updates to their members, and also simply track their compliance to ensure their members are meeting requirements for state approval.” Click here to read Gaines Township’s full testimonial.

– Chief Joe Hyrman

Gaines Township Fire Department, MI

“Previously, we had been searching for an online training platform that not only ensured cost-savings, but offered a strong content library and custom course builder that would allow for our department to add specific training content. Since implementing FireRescue1 Academy, we are taking full advantage of this modern day training solution for applied learning, which has led us to maintaining our ISO 2 rating.” Click here to read Oak Park’s complete testimonial.

– Chief Thomas Ebsen, Fire Chief

Oak Park Fire Department, IL

“FireRescue1 Academy is our primary online training resource. Tallahassee Fire Department has benefited from the custom courses tool for internal training. Being able to utilize PowerPoints for new equipment and policy training allows our administrator to easily assign and track personnel compliance. We use the Medic Monthly courses for yearly CEU renewal training. FireRescue1 Academy’s Client Success team has been outstanding in helping create a simplified training environment for our department.”

– Randee Eastman, Administrator

Tallahassee Fire Department, FL

“FireRescue1 Academy’s online educational modules have assisted me in my EMT re-certs and OSHA mandated training. As the EMS Coordinator for the City of Danbury for 15 years, every year I had to create my own PowerPoints, search for videos and create my own lesson plans. Not to mention that during training, if the tones went off, my classroom emptied and I would have to start over. In my second year using FireRescue1 Academy, I can simply assign modules to be completed by the students, at their own pace, and then they take the tests, which are completely accepted by the State of CT. All I have to do is ensure the students are proficient in their practical skills. The best part of the system is the accountability – I set updates to review required module completions before I allow the students to take the State test. Love the system, it has made my job so much easier.”

– Rey Rodriguez, EMS/HazMat Coordinator

Danbury Fire Department, CT

“In the past, getting these guys to training was like pulling Saddam out of his spider hole. Now they ask for the Medic Monthly. This has been an enormous time saver for me and great training for the crews at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Fire/Rescue.”

– Larry Davis, Paramedic/EMS Battalion Chief SGS-322

Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank the FireRescue1 Academy for their perseverance and patience. I did not count, but I know you called 5-6 times and I “put you off” each time. Your team was always patient and professional, recognizing that managers often are busy and unable to take a call. When we finally connected, you guys were brief, to the point and extremely informative. I always felt you were trying to help us in addition to ‘making a sale’. That helpful attitude made the entire process pleasant. We are pleased with the “Continuing Education” that FireRescue1 Academy offers and the follow-up service by Latoya. It has been a pleasure conducting business and I want to commend your resolve in dealing with us. I look forward to our continued relationship.”

– Mike Watkins, Assistant Chief

Department of Public Safety, Louisville International Airport

“We were using a training platform prior to FireRescue1 Academy, but when we saw that this solution was endorsed by the IAFF (International Association for Fire Fighters), that influenced our buying decision. We really like that FireRescue1 Academy is easy to use and one of the best features is the reporting because of the few clicks it takes to generate the documents. Since switching to FireRescue1 Academy, we have saved approximately $10,000 and we couldn’t be happier with our decision.”

– Guy Peifer

Yonkers Fire Department, NY

“The format of FireRescue1 Academy is well put together and that helps our fire fighters stay attentive. One of the best things about this training solution is that we have the ability to start and stop training at any time as we are in and out of the station responding to calls. We also really like that this program utilizes more video and audio formats, which our previous solution did not provide. FireRescue1 is a great addition to Mesquite Fire and we are happy to have a program that supports our industry’s continuing education.”

– Shawn Tobler

Mesquite Fire Rescue, NV

“As the Training Officer for our department, my primary goal was to find a training solution that was affordable and convenient. Once we saw a demonstration of FireRescue1 Academy, we knew it would be a huge benefit for our fire fighters and department as a whole. It’s very helpful to be able to view the history of courses our personnel completes, and with that feature, it makes reporting and credential management very simple. As our first online training solution, we approve of FireRescue1 Academy.”

– Derrick Burrus

Jefferson County Fire Department, FL

“To better facilitate fire training, our department was looking for an online training platform that was easy to use and could meet our budget. Previously, we used a solution to manage our department’s fire courses, but FireRescue1 Academy is by far a more complete solution with a content library that allows for flexibility in completing our department objectives. We would recommend FireRescue1 Academy to anyone looking for an all-in-one training platform that is up-to-date, allows you to create custom courses and manage credentials.”

– Gary Thomas

West Monroe Fire Department, LA