Testimonials for FireRescue1 Academy

“We have been using the FireRescue1 Academy for a year and half and the customer service has been outstanding. The material content of FireRescue1 Academy is current and they are updating training material on a regular basis. The FIREHOUSE [Software integration] is working great with the FireRescue1 system. The user completes the training assignment and at midnight it is automatically entered into FIREHOUSE [Software]. We are using the training to support our in-house refresher program.”

Michael Duran, Training Officer, Sedona Fire District

“Just wanted to say how much the FireRescue1 on-line educational modules has assisted me in my EMT re-certs and OSHA mandated training. I have been an the EMS Coordinator for the City of Danbury for 15 years and every year I had to create my own power-points, search for videos and pretty much create my own lesson plans. Not to mention that during training classes, if the tones went off, my classroom would empty and I would then have to start over. This has been my second year using FireRescue1 Academy and now I simply assign the modules that have to be completed, the students can complete them at their own pace and take the test. These on -line modules are completely accepted by the State of CT. And now all I have to is make sure they are proficient in their practical skills. The best part of the system is the accountability part, I can set the updates to see if all of the required modules have been completed before I allow the students to take the State test. Love the system, it has made my job as an instructor so much easier.”

Rey Rodriguez, EMS/HAZMAT Coordinator, Danbury Fire Department

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for your perseverance and patience in dealing with me. I did not count, but I know you called me 5-6 times and I “put you off” each time. You were always patient and professional, recognizing that managers often are busy and unable to take a call. You always advised you would call back at a more convenient time and you did always follow up. At first I thought you had cursed us because on at least 2-3 of your first calls we received an emergency run just as you called. When we finally did talk you were brief, to the point and extremely informative. That is very much appreciated. I always felt you were trying to help us in addition to ‘making a sale.’ That helpful attitude made the entire process pleasant. We are extremely pleased with the “Continuing Education Program” that FireRescue1 Academy offers and the follow up service by you and Latoya. You have been a pleasure to conduct business with and again I want to commend your resolve in dealing with us. I look forward to our continued relationship with you and FireRescue1 Academy.”

Mike Watkins, Assistant Chief, Department of Public Safety, Louisville International Airport

“In the past, getting these guys to training was like pulling Saddam out of his spider hole. Now they ask for the Medic Monthly. This has been an enormous time saver for me and great training for the crews at Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Fire/Rescue.”

Larry Davis, Paramedic/EMS Battalion Chief SGS-322, Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, FL

“Thank you for your effort to help me access the website. I have purchased credits today and chose a course. I love the video action because it gives me a sense of how to approach and act. I found the website very effective and I will inform my colleagues and friends to visit it. I specially thank you for your help, and I thank the people who put this website together.”

Mohammed Al Makrami, NREMT-P, KAUST Fire and Emergency Services, Saudi Arabia

“Medic Monthly has excellent video footage that is specific to several topics we cover in class. The title of each video tape makes it easy to immediately put the tape into action to better illustrate our ‘death by PowerPoint’ lectures. As students learn differently, the video format brings another method to increase learning potential in our students. The scenario sections, followed by Dr. Katz’s play-by-play narration, help to drive home relevant points. It appears that there are no ‘protocols’ being used, which is perfect for us, as we don’t teach specific protocols, but rather a selection of available treatments from which their future medical directors will decide. If you’re looking for a vote, Medic Monthly is the best product I’ve seen for supplemental use in the classroom.”

Captain Malcolm Bomford, Lead Instructor, Palm Beach Community College, Florida