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Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)/Michigan Bureau of Fire Services Certified Courses

Lexipol, FireRescue1 Academy is a Certified Fire Inspector Online Training Provider for Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)/Michigan Bureau of Fire Services. FireRescue1 Academy has 83 courses approved, totaling 91 hours which can be used to fulfill Certified Fire Inspector Continuing Education points for the current cycle through 2024.

FireRescue1 Academy provides a certificate of completion once an MI LARA certified course is completed. Individuals ARE REQUIRED to have their Michigan CFI# in their FireRescue1 Academy training profile under Credentials. The Credential Type should be Michigan Fire Inspector. It should follow the format YY-XXX (year followed by the serial number). Lexipol will provide proof of training completions in Excel format to LARA, 3 times per month for auditing purposes; however, users are required to report their own course completions directly to LARA.

Course Title Program Approval Number CEU
Basic Telephone Skills 1191-22 1h
Business Writing Basics 1192-22 1h
Career Professionalism 1193-22 1h
Conflict and Dispute Resolution 1194-22 1h
COVID-19 for EMS and Fire Personnel 1195-22 1h
Emergency Vehicle Driving Dynamics 1196-22 1h
Emergency Vehicle Driving Requirements 1197-22 1h
Emergency Vehicle Driving Techniques 1288-22 1h
FF: Assisting Special Rescue Teams 1198-22 1h
FF: Community Outreach 1199-22 1h
FF: Decontamination Techniques 1200-22 1h
FF: Fire and Emergency Medical Care 1201-22 1h
FF: Fire Behavior 1202-22 1h
FF: Fire Cause Determination 1203-22 1h
FF: Fire Detection, Protection, and Suppression Systems 1289-22 1h
FF: Fire Streams 1204-22 1h
FF: Fire Suppression 1205-22 1h
FF: Firefighter Communications 1206-22 1h
FF: Firefighter Safety 1207-22 1h
FF: Firefighter Survival 1208-22 1h
FF: Firefighter Tools 1209-22 1h
FF: Forcible Entry 1210-22 1h
FF: History and Orientation of the Fire Service 1230-22 1h
FF: Implement a Response 1229-22 1h
FF: Incident Command 1228-22 1h
FF: Ladders 1227-22 1h 30m
FF: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 1226-22 1h
FF: Properties and Effects 1225-22 1h
FF: Recognizing and Identifying the Hazards 1224-22 1h
FF: Response and Size Up 1223-22 1h
FF: Response Priorities and Actions 1222-22 1h
FF: Ropes and Knots 1221-22 1h
FF: Salvage and Overhaul 1220-22 1h
FF: Search and Rescue 1219-22 1h
FF: Terrorism Awareness 1218-22 1h
FF: Vehicle Rescue and Extrication Techniques 1217-22 1h
FF: Ventilation 1216-22 1h 15m
FF: Wildland and Ground Fires 1215-22 1h
Financial Controls for Preventing Theft 1214-22 1h
Fire Inspector – Module 01: Inspector Authority: How to Become a Fire Inspector 1213-22 45m
Fire Inspector – Module 02: Building Construction 1212-22 3h 30m
Fire Inspector – Module 03: Occupancy Loads and Means of Egress 1211-22 1h 30m
Fire Inspector – Module 04: Fire Detection and Alarm Systems 1250-22 3h
Fire Inspector – Module 05: Water Supply and Fire Flows 1249-22 2h 30m
Fire Inspector – Module 06: Fire Suppression Systems 1248-22 2h
Fire Inspector – Module 07: Fire Growth and Spread Factors 1247-22 2h
Fire Inspector – Module 08: Hazardous Materials Awareness 1246-22 2h
Fire Inspector – Module 09: Fire Hazard Recognition 1245-22 1h 30m
Fire Inspector – Module 10: Emergency Planning and Preparedness Procedures 1244-22 1h 30m
Firefighter Cancer: Prevention and Health 1243-22 1h
Firefighter PTSD (NFPA 1500) 1242-22 1h
FO: Community Outreach 1241-22 45m
FO: Fire Incident Safety 1240-22 45m
FO: Fire Investigation and Determination 1239-22 45m
FO: Fire Officer Leadership Skills 1238-22 45m
FO: Fire Officer Safety 1237-22 45m
FO: Firefighter Professional Development 1236-22 45m
FO: Incident and Crew Management 1235-22 1h
FO: Information Management 1234-22 45m
FO: Labor Relations 1233-22 45m
FO: Leader, Mentor, and Coach 1232-22 45m
FO: Managing the Budget and Change 1231-22 45m
FO: Officer Communications 1268-22 45m
FO: Organizational Risk Management 1269-22 1h
FO: Personnel Management and Discipline 1270-22 1h
FO: Planning and Code Enforcement 1271-22 1h
FO: Preparing for the Promotion 1272-22 45m
FO: Professional Ethics 1273-22 1h
FO: Public Fire Education 1274-22 45m
FO: The Company Officer 1275-22 1h
Global SDS and the Hazardous Communication Standards 1276-22 1h
HAZMAT: Basic Toxicology 1277-22 1h
HAZMAT: Overview Hazardous Materials and Substances 1278-22 2h
HAZMAT: Preparing for Potential Harm and Response 1279-22 1h
Mental Health and Wellness for Firefighters 1280-22 1h
Pump Operator: Driver/Operator Overview 1281-22 1h
Pump Operator: Fire Apparatus Types 1282-22 1h
Pump Operator: Fire Pump Systems 1283-22 1h
Pump Operator: Pumper Apparatus 1284-22 2h
Responders at Risk: Protecting First Responders From Opioid Exposure 1285-22 1h
Stress and Your Health 1286-22 1h
Wildland Fire Observations & Origin Scene Protection 1287-22 1h
Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Structure Defense 1290-22 1h