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FireRescue1 Academy recently released new fire courses, expanding our training library of quality, high-liability topics that address today’s fire related incidents. With a subscription to FireRescue1 Academy, we offer exclusive access to some of the best fire and EMS training online.

With nearly 350 NFPA-based fire course, personnel and first responders have access to training 24/7, in multiple formats, to meet compliance and credential requirements. Along with new and updated courses released regularly, our training solution offers features that simplify department training, like course tracking, policy management, custom course creation, and more.

New/Updated Courses Released

  • Firefighter Cancer: Prevention and Health
    Many firefighters face hazards that are easily visible such as structural collapse, hazardous materials, and high heat environments, but it is the unseen hazards that are most dangerous to firefighters today. In this course, sponsored by Globe, we will explore the common cancer-causing agents firefighters will face on the job as well as the importance of wearing proper PPE and using decontamination techniques to increase firefighter health and quality of life.
  • Fire Reality Training: Incidents in Limited Access Buildings
    In this short training video, Chief Rob Wylie explains possible tactics when dealing with limited access areas and how to handle to siutation safely.
  • Fire Reality Training: Media Outlets and the Firehouse
    Inviting the media is inviting scrutiny. Watch this video segment to be sure your department is ready.
  • Fire Reality Training: Recruitment
    Chief Rob Wylie presents strategies on how your department can find diverse and qualified personnel.
  • Managing Chronic Care Patients (ALS/BLS)
    This one-hour Medic Monthly course provides instruction on managing chronic care patients and their overuse or abuse of the EMS system.

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