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Measuring the patient’s CO2 and heart rate gives you the vital information you need in order to treat patients accurately. Explore Capnography from all perspectives with Capnography and Pulse Oximetry, Capnography for Respiratory Distress, and Sepsis and Capnography.

Course Name Course Description Length
Capnography and Pulse Oximetry Capnography and pulse oximetry can give valuable insights into a patient’s respiratory status. They can also be used to identify other underlying medical conditions and provide feedback on the effectiveness of prehospital treatment. This lesson reviews the basic use of both technologies. 30m
Capnography for BLS: Getting Started with Capnography This course is designed to introduce the benefits of capnography, present a basic understanding of the capnogram, and how to use it to explore the physiology of the respiratory cycle. 1h
Capnography in the Sedated Patient Patients receiving sedation need to be carefully monitored for episodes of hypoxia. This lesson reviews the use of capnography to monitor these patients. 5m
Non-Invasive Capnography Steve Whitehead discusses two additional uses for midstream capnography. 5m
Sepsis and Capnography In this single video course, Drs. Hunter and Silvestri of Orlando Health discuss how capnography is one of the best tools for early recognition of sepsis in the field. 15m