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Products and Technologies for EMS

Be on the cutting edge of new technology, gear, apparatus, and software with these innovative and informative courses for EMS.

Course Name Course Description Length
Ambulance Safety and Design Data has shown that ambulances are one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road. Taking into account the purpose of such vehicles, the safe and efficient transportation of injured people and vital care providers is easily one of the most important factors in ambulance design. In this 1-hour course, learners will discover how ambulances have evolved throughout history, why safety is at the forefront of design, and how all of these factors have changed over the past 40 years. 1h
Body Armor and the Changing Landscape of Public Safety First responders are facing emerging threats on the job. With active shooter and other mass casualty incidents on the rise, law enforcement, fire, and EMS all face dangers in the field that have major impacts on their safety and livelihood. For many first responders, purchasing personal body armor comes at their own expense. The questions they often ask are why should they wear armor and what kind do they need? In this course, learners will discover the importance of wearing body armor in the field, whether that is in an active shooter event or a routine call. The course will also examine the kinds of armor available and which type works best for all first responders. 1h
Globe NFPA 1851 Advanced Cleaning and Inspection Training – 2014 Edition With the NFPA’s new regulation for care and cleaning of PPE comes a number of changes in standards. This online training program was designed to walk you through the proper execution of those care and cleaning methods so you can go back to your job safer and better informed. 1h
Leading a Safe and High Performing Ambulance Team Leading an organization that not only focuses on employees but also patient care can be a daunting task unless you have the tools you need. This course from Zoll Data explores how to keep your team safe while building best practices for a high performing ambulance team. It examines the current state of the EMS industry, how to build a strong foundation, best practices in safety, and how to mitigate your risk around crashes and accidents. 1h 30m
Lights and Sirens: Deadly Epidemic It is a misconception that the use of lights and sirens and high ambulance speeds saves lives. In fact, there have been many studies that have proven the contrary. In this Zoll Data course, learners will discover the deadly epidemic of lights and sirens abuse and how EMS organizations can take advantage of media applications to maintain the public trust and discourage those characteristics that often cause ambulance crashes and the loss of life. 1h
The Culture of Ambulance Safety The topic of safety often brings groans and grumbles to organizations; it can be costly and time-consuming; however, data has shown that a lack of safety culture in any organization often costs more than just money. In this course from Zoll Data, organizations will gain insight into the ways and means of developing a culture of safety by acknowledging the issues of professionalism, the need for evidence and incentive-based practices, and the importance of making positive behavioral shifts in your organization. 1h