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Whether from an accident, altercation, or animal-related incident, trauma happens. While you may not encounter every type of trauma, you need to be prepared should the situation arise. Prepare yourself with courses like Abdominal Trauma, Amputation and Hemorrhage Control, Electrical Injuries, Pregnancy and Trauma, Snake Bites and Stings, and Triage.

Course NameCourse DescriptionLength

Early Recognition and Treatment of Trauma This course discusses the importance of timely assessment, treatment and transport of trauma patients. 30m
EMS Treatment During Extrication Incidents Patients suffering from blunt trauma and requiring extrication present unique treatment scenarios. This lesson reviews some of the basics of care for these patients. 15m
Epinephrine Auto Injector Steve Whitehead provides two great tips for when you’re using epinephrine auto injectors on a patient. 10m
Head Injuries Steve Whitehead discusses two important tips for the prehospital management of head injury. 5m
Post-Partum Hemorrhage After watching this, you will be able to explain how much blood can be expected during a prehospital delivery. 2. Explain how to deal with the mother who is having post-partum hemorrhage. 10m
START Triage System Proper triage can assist EMS providers in prioritizing care and transport of injured patients. This lesson reviews the specifics of START triage. 10m
Thoracic Trauma: Time Matters Time matters when caring for patients suffering from penetrating thoracic trauma. This lesson reviews the assessment findings and treatment techniques necessary for these patients. 30m
Trauma EMS1 This video block course covers a multitude of topics about trauma, including head injuries, wound management, time management, extrication incidents, as well as early recognition. 1h 30m