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Fire Service Management

An effective team is only as strong as their leadership. As a leader in the fire service, it is critical that you develop your skills in leadership so you can effectively manage your team. These courses will sharpen your leadership abilities, reinforce how to effectively manage your team and provide you valuable tools for your career.

Course Name Course Description Hours
Financial Controls for Preventing Theft During this course, the student will learn how to prevent fraud and theft in a nonprofit organization. In as much as most fire departments are nonprofit organizations, firefighters will find this course to educational and informative as well. Themes discussed during this course include what is fraud, who commits fraud and why, and how nonprofit organizations can prevent fraud. 1h
Fire 20/20 Partnering for Prevention Program Partnering For Prevention is an online training program that provides a simple framework to help departments increase fire prevention and risk-reduction initiatives in their multicultural and high-risk communities. 3