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FireRescue1 Creates Comprehensive Marketing Platform, Digital Solutions for Globe


Founded in 1887, Globe is North America’s oldest and largest manufacturer of firefighter protective clothing in the fire service industry. Now a subsidiary of MSA Safety, the company has earned a reputation for providing high quality, customized gear that combines innovative design with advanced construction methods that utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and processes.


Historically, Globe had relied primarily on traditional media to build one of the most widely-recognized brands within the fire protection market. In 2005, Globe identified digital as a channel in which they needed to establish a stronger presence and identified FireRescue1 as their long-term partner.

In choosing a partner, Globe sought someone with creativity, strong content capabilities, the capability to execute ambitious and complex projects, and the ability to scale with their needs over time.

“ has a unique balance of news, product information, education and community that has attracted a growing audience that allows us to target our brand and product messaging to self-selecting end-users. The FireRescue1 team understands how to translate our marketing objectives to the web by creating and implementing creative solutions that deliver concrete results.”

Mark Mordecai

Director of Business Development, Globe Manufacturing


Globe selected FireRescue1, and for the past 10 years they have worked together to build a comprehensive digital marketing platform to engage, educate and connect with the fire service as well as reinforce Globe’s thought leadership position related to personal protective equipment (PPE) and firefighter safety. The collaboration is guided by one overarching goal: to solve business challenges throughout the customer lifecycle – from purchase evaluation to data capture and lead generation to grant funding assistance and online training for customers.

Working with the Globe team, FireRescue1 has created a unique, multi-staged digital marketing program designed to address the company’s various objectives and business challenges. FireRescue1 combined a number of sponsorship elements, including FireRescue1 Response Platform, sponsored editorial and custom content, social media management, custom eNewsletter production, a custom microsite (, and content and section sponsorship – all focused on building thought leadership and creating customer engagement.

An important component of Globe’s marketing strategy has been to establish the Globe brand in a position of thought leadership around the topics of firefighter safety and PPE, emphasizing the company’s commitment to keeping firefighters safe. To achieve that goal, FireRescue1’s program included exclusive sponsorship of the Firefighter Safety Section, a sponsored column on PPE by a leading industry expert, and a safety eNewsletter sent to nearly 40,000 firefighters monthly. In addition, Globe has funded grant assistance to enable fire and EMS departments to secure PPE funding through its program with FireRescue1’s grant services arm,

A centerpiece of Globe’s strategy has been the PPE news and education microsite,, which both serves as a platform for Globe to provide a broad range of PPE research and information, as well as deliver formal training on NFPA 1851: Standard on Selection, Care and Maintenance of PPE – leveraging the FireRescue1 Academy’s proprietary online learning technology.


The range of solutions created by FireRescue1 – including standard sponsorship elements plus highly-customized thought leadership initiatives –have been extremely successful in providing Globe with a leading presence within the largest firefighting audience online. Together, the activities have not only kept Globe at the forefront during the PPE purchase process, while establishing the brand as synonymous with the product and content areas most applicable to their brand: firefighter safety and PPE. The program has also supported Globe’s data capture initiatives, provided education related to grant funding and product training, and helped in the launch of new products.

Traffic and exposure for Globe have paralleled the growth of FireRescue1, with more than 10X growth in monthly traffic to Globe’s site since the launch of the advertising campaign in November 2005. To date, FireRescue1 has generated a total of more than 50 million impressions and driven hundreds of thousands of visitors to During the past year, more than 850,000 firefighters have visited the Globe-sponsored Safety sections on FireRescue1. PPE101 has been a consistent driver of highly qualified traffic, and has directly provided NFPA 1851 training to thousands of customers.

Globe’s presence across the FireRescue1 network provides constant visibility and engagement not only with a broad percentage of the fire service, but also to nearly 117,000 leaders and those researching turnout gear purchases. As importantly, FireRescue1 solutions have differentiated Globe throughout the sales process and customer lifecycle by providing needed content, training and purchasing assistance.